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Guangzhou ORCL Medical Co., Ltd Founded in 2010, it is located in Nansha, the national free trade zone, with a plant area of 6000 square meters and a purification workshop area of 3300 square meters in line with GMP standards. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of medical catheters in the fields of " Ureteral catheter,anesthesia and respiration". The products are widely used in clinical medical fields such as surgery, treatment, medical aid and nursing care; Company approval TUV:ISO13485 , TUV:ISO11135 , GMP certification, national high-tech enterprise certification, intellectual property standards implementation certification, etc., has obtained CFDA registration certification, EU TUV:CE (0123) certification, quality assurance.


The company has R & D technology platform in professional fields, focusing on product innovation, service patent cooperation, industry university research cooperation and medical product project cooperation; it has obtained domestic registration certificate: ordinary endotracheal intubation, enhanced endotracheal intubation, PVC laryngeal mask, silicon laryngeal mask, double lumen air tube intubation, silicon catheter, silicon temperature measuring catheter, catheterization bag and atomizer; OEM and ODM manufacturing: medical guide wire, medical spring, medical one-way valve, balloon catheter, medical plastic parts molding, medical silicon parts injection, medical mold, etc

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Guangzhou ORCL Medical Co., Ltd Founded in 2010,

The products are widely used in clinical medical fields.