Silicone Foley Catheter With Temperature Sensor

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Silicone Foley Catheter With Temperature Sensor


Product Specification:

  • Catheter Material : silicone
  • Tube made from Non-toxic silicone, latex free :
  • PVC tube contains DEHP,DEHP free tube available :
  • :
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  • Comprehensive
    • Works with most hypothermia units, anesthesia machines and patient monitors from GE, Philips, Siemens Climate Solutions and others
    • Available in single sterile packaging
    • Smooth tip for easy insertion without buckling
    • Conditionally MRI-compatible
  • Convenient
    • Saves nursing time
    • One less potentially invasive procedure
    • 8" sidearm is a sealed electrical connection away from the patient
    • Can’t forget to take a temperature again
    • Ideal temperature monitoring solution where foley catheterization is already indicated
    • 100% silicone for safe, worry-free use
  • Accurate
    • Bladder temperature most accurately correlates to brain temperature
    • Solid-state electronics provide +/- 0.2° accuracy
    • Temperature is measured continuously

Benefits of Temperature Sensing Catheter

  • Improving Patient Outcomes In the ICU
    • The ability to use a temperature sensing catheter to measure both urine output and continuous body temperature is a distinct advantage, which may eliminate the need to measure temperature at other sites

Improving Patient Outcomes In the OR

  • Comply with SCIP-Inf-10 by monitoring the patients core temperature with an integrated thermistor
  • Maintaining normothermia with the aid of temperature sensing catheters may help avoid SSIs, cardiac events, bleeding, longer recovery times and longer drug onsets and durations
  • Improving Patient Outcomes In Therapeutic Hypothermia
    • In Therapeutic Hypothermia the greatest patient benefit often occurs within a narrow temperature range
    • Bladder temperature probes enable continuous monitoring and feedback in conjunction with hypothermia devices
    • Other techniques, including intermittent tympanic temperature measurements, are less reliable



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